Monday, January 6, 2014

Don't Talk to the Police IV

You have the right to remain out of jail.

As before in Don't Talk To The Police Parts I, II, and III, repeatedly asking if one is free to go, and clearly and repeatedly stating "I do not consent to a search" are key.

And I'm surprised to see that police decals--like those you get for donating--are considered a "warning sign":

Too small? Then try this one:

Know Your Rights
Found here.


Eric said...

What do LEOs look like without overwhelming firepower, body armor, and a dozen or so of their 'Brothers in Blue' backing them up?

Elusive Wapiti said...

Assuming the white guy was Russion OMON and the black dude in the gi was the SWAT guy, I'd say that MMA fight didn't go so well for the SWAT dude.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"What do LEOs look like"

A "civilian"?

ray said...

cops in the Fifties working-class shipyard town where i grew up were indistinguishable from the general male population (and had to answer to the men of the local community if they got too frisky with their copping, which was rare)

so to get caged, you had to do something pretty extreme -- rob the booze store with a gun, steal all the money from yr employer, so forth

the trivialities and false-accusations for which males are now caged en masse didnt exist just a few decades ago

cops now, in their manifold forms, answer to women collectively, not to the local community of men, via proxy of the congress, legislatures, etc. that enforce the will of women exclusively

w/o any LOCAL male check on police behavior, cops have simply become the paid thugs of the u.s. matriarchate, and any act (or word, or gesture) that offends any female is now cause to further fill the mancages . . . which have become a vast and profitable "business" since full gynocracy was achieved a few decades back

the current sistem is gleefully predatory on boys and men, and would already have been destroyed by righteous men in a nation less glutted by wealth, and less emasculated in general

however, the bill is coming due


ray said...

p.s. just saw this from a site called Unmasking Feminism

quoting one Max O'Rell in 1903--

"The Government of the American people is not a republic, it is not a monarchy: it is a gynarchy, a government by the women for the women, a sort of occult power behind the scenes that rules the country.”

that (hated) truth was spoken OVER A CENTURY AGO

. . . before the ahem "revolution" by women to "throw off the chains of the Evil Patriarchy" that had "oppressed" the pore dahlings for millions of years

"occult power" is spot-on

but then, doubtless the Enlightened and Almighty People of 1903 dismissed O'Rell as just another conspiracy theorist and womanhater


Eric said...

"What do LEOs look like: a civilian?"

In the video above, more like a bearskin rug on the floor! LOL

heresolong said...

One thing that I was wondering about is the section on taping the police. The SCOTUS has ruled that the police are not acting as private citizens when performing their duties and therefore have no expectation of privacy. In Washington state that means that we can tape them whether they want us to or not. Not sure if that is strictly because we are a one party consent state or because of the SCOTUS ruling.

Elusive Wapiti said...

@ Ray,

"so to get caged, you had to do something pretty extreme -- rob the booze store with a gun, steal all the money from yr employer, so forth"

My understanding is that police back then were also more approachable and personable, and more likely to "escort" wayward children into the custody of their parents than take them downtown.

Of course, that was in the days before gangbangers and a good whuppin from dad was far more effective than the threat of spending 24-48 in the county lockup.

Nowadays, every infraction is a formal police matter, instead of letting parents crack down as necessary.

But the above assumes that parents are (a) willing, and (b) able (in the sense that dads are in the house to keep the kids in line) to discharge their parental discpilinary duties.

That Max O'Rell quote seems quite prescient. 110 years on, same song, different century.

LGR, the blogmistress at Unmasking Feminism, has been digging up "blasts from the past" like that for years. It's crazy what her--and another site I link called "The Unknown History of Misandry"--come up with.

Elusive Wapiti said...

@ Heresolong,

Public officers should be glad to be videotaped, as much trouble as they have with false accusations and such. Accountability for everyone, LEO and citizen, is a good thing.

Trouble is, that even in jurisdictions where taping is legal, I repeatedly come across horror stories where the police threaten those filming them and/or confiscate their stuff.

LEA opposition to taping just strikes the public as a too convenient attempt to dodge acountability.