Monday, December 16, 2013

You Hurt My Feewings

Cyber-victim or cyberbully? You make the call.
And what's with those guns? I feel sexually harassed.
...therefore I shall ring up your daddy, your schoolmaster, and men with guns to get you back:
A Canadian politician says she has become a victim of cyberbullying after a teenager posted a topless photo of her online. When the photo was tweeted to her @lenorezann two weeks ago, she asked the sender to remove the image, which she said included a message that said, 'What happened to the old Lenore?'

The tweeter, NickScissons @Ncissons, a 17-year old high school student from Truro, said he meant it as a joke. 'I just thought it would be funny, pretty much,' he said.

'Luckily the old Lenore Zann got in shape so she can kick some political butt! Please remove this photo,' she tweeted.

But the Scissons refused, and an online conversation soon included others who began retweeting the image and began hurling insults at her. On Twitter she wrote: 'Perhaps you've missed the new federal legislation' and 'Distribution of this image falls under the Criminal Code. It has been reported.'

Scissons replied, arguing the photo was public on the internet.   During the exchange, which lasted around three hours, Zann said she felt increasingly picked on.

'I signed a contract ... for my image only to be used in 'The L Word' show. It's not just the image of the picture that was disturbing. It was the way that these people ... suddenly targeted me. It increased in velocity and intent. It was constant and it was harassing.'

I was being cyberbullied so I felt that I needed to call the police. The police suggested that I call the CyberScan unit as well and that's what they're there for. That's why we legislated them, so that they'd be there to help people who feel that they are being bullied by other people online,' she said.

'It was Twitter where I was being tweeted at. I was being sworn at. They were swearing at me. They were disrespectful. It was constant. It was harassment and it was frightening. I was afraid. So that for me accounts for my feeling that I was being bullied. And because it's online, that’s cyberbullying.'

The actor-cum-politician said she got in touch with the original tweeter's parents, and the principal at his college.

[This year] Nova Scotia introduced the Cyber-safety Act, which the province describes as the first law in Canada aimed at protecting the victims of cyberbullying and making those responsible accountable under the law. The act defines cyberbullying as any electronic communication 'that is intended or ought reasonably be expected to cause fear, intimidation, humiliation, distress or other damage or harm to another person's health, emotional well-being, self-esteem or reputation.'
Will over at Patriarchtionary, to whom I owe a hat tip for this story, wonders just who is the real bully here. A fair question...given that Ms. Zann is by all accounts a powerful, adult, strong independent woman™ who has no truck with both exploiting her sexuality for financial gain and/or repeatedly sexually harassing every man in sight of her exposed, levitating mammaries. Yet when she feels bad that someone on the interwebz links to a picture of her in a homosexual prison shower scene, rather than put her big girl pants on and put down the mobile phone--thereby short-circuiting the "bullying"--she resorts to lawfare to forcibly shut up her young male tormentor.

And speaking of law, lookit how broadly the law is written. It is practically begging to be abused by someone who apparently doesn't know that contracts only apply between signatories.  

At this moment, UBL's strong horse/weak horse maxim comes to mind.  Just how ridiculous does it look to other cultures when an aging pol (with a pornographic past and a penchant for sex-spamming) jacks up a college student for hurting her feelings, all legal like?

Folks just need to grow up. After one graduates from middle school, it shouldn't fall to the police to change your nappy.


ray said...


and this is nothing -- females daily and routinely use the Police State they built and legislated for not only to thug on the mere males who dare to hurt dere widdle feeewings, but to cover any and every kind of evil that females do

if you are female and have defrauded, cheated, assaulted, or falsely accused a male, no prob ... Amerika now has an ENDLESS array of laws, codes, regulations, and paid punks to ensure that female crime and malevolence not only go unpunished, but get REWARDED

dont think so? think i'm exaggerating? observe almost any civil or criminal courtroom here in Femland, and note the vast difference between "justice" for males and females . . . to say nothing of the grovelling obesience of male lawyers to the increasingly female/feminist bench

it's nothing to do with justice, it's just another way for the gynarchy to emasculate and beat-down men and little boys

the vast police/prison "business" in the United Sisterhood of Amerika is designed specifically to Protect 'n Serve strong-and-independent babies like Zann (and far, far worse than her)

the rot and collusion between the matriarchy and U.S. government/LE has now become so ubiquitous that there is no distinguishing between the agendas of the two -- they are one entity, and they require a never-ending supply of (male) "perps" to feed their sistem

humans are capable of self-government? LOL!


javaloco said...

Principal? Was she trying to get some sort of Title IX action going? If she has an issue with a minor, I am in favor of talking to the parents, but bringing the school in was out of line.

Elusive Wapiti said...

I think she was just trying to cover her bases, lol. Parents, college president, and the police. One out of those three would do the trick, and halt this instance of the unlicensed distribution of images of her boobies.

In this, she was successful.

His Lady said...

So...a picture of her from a while back, shown on a program on cable that was viewable by any subscriber who cared to tune in when it was aired (or did so accidentally), and is probably now immortalized in a boxed set of DVDs somewhere, goes viral on the Internet, and she is SHOCKED, shocked I say.

I don't believe she's surprised, dismayed, or even mildly hurt. I believe she's mad because she's not getting royalties, and she's pretending to be shocked/embarrassed/whatever so she can punish the guy legally for not ponying up her fee.

What do you expect from a career prostitute?

Elusive Wapiti said...

Well she is a politician, so I suppose "career prostitute" is apt.

The piece that strikes me is how leveraging your sex for financial gain is rapidly becoming mainstream. Or at least not illegitimate or a sign of poor character.

That one can do soft core and be seen as a serious anything is truly a sign of change.